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MANY THANKS to everyone for making our community GREAT! http://conta.cc/1KAHrHj
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Message of Becky Harkema CEO  http://conta.cc/1dP1LdV 
Future Home of YMCA & Soccer Fields, Summer Swim Lessons Steele Family Aquatic and YMCA Main Facility  http://conta.cc/1EYDqZw  
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Four Weeks to a Healthier You, Congrats Swim Team, Why I Give
 Body Shock Class, Wellman Tae Kwon Do, Kalona Rec Center Open House
Together Shaping the Future. Group Fitness Classes in All Locations  http://conta.cc/1xWwNK5
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Bean Bag Toss / YOGA is back! http://conta.cc/1v6VMEv 
Fall Program Guide, Registration Dates, Bean Bag Toss, Steele Family Closing Date http://conta.cc/1pMaG2W 
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