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Class Registration:
1. Participants must be registered prior to class in order to attend the entire session
2. Y members may start to register for classes 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the session. Non Y members may begin registering 1 week prior to the start of the new session.
3. Registration can take place at any of 4 locations; Wellman, Kalona, Y on the Square and the Washington Y or over the phone.
4. If classes are full, due to limited space or equipment, participants will be put on a waiting list. If enough people are on the waiting list, the Program Director will decide whether to offer another class
5. If a participant would like to attend a class without registering, they can drop in if there is enough space and equipment. This will be under the discretion of the fitness instructor of that class.
6. Non Member Fees will be $24/class session for land classes. Aqua classes will be $20/class session. Sessions will be ran on a monthly basis
7. All Water Classes will be offered on a monthly basis.

Class Cancellation: Classes can be CANCELLED for the following reasons; which will be made by the Program Director:
1. Weather related cancellations (severe heat, snow, severe weather).
2. No instructor due to illness or injury
3. Low Numbers on a consistent basis; this will be re-evaluated on a quarterly basis whether or not a class will be offered anymore.
Class Attendance:
1. Classes are available for members and non-members
2. Participants for Adult Fitness Classes Must Be:
a. 18 years old to register
b. Ages 16 and 17 must have parental approval
c. Ages 13, 14 and 15 must be registered by parent or legal guardian and the parent/legal guardian must register and attend each class with the youth
d. Ages 12 and under must receive Program Director’s approval prior to registration or drop in attendance is allowed
3. Drop in Attendance is allowed if there is room. This will be decided by the class instructor
4. If a class has a limited number of spots available due to equipment or space, you are need to be at your class you have registered for. If you miss 2 classes in a month for that specific registered class your spot will be given up for someone on the waiting list.
5. If you are 5 minutes or more late to class and that class is limited due to equipment and space, your spot will be open for anyone that wants to attend class.
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Personal Training - Washington and YMCA on the Square - Individual and group packages available. Contact Teri at the YMCA on the Square  at 319 653-6500 or Greg Wertz at 319 653-2141 at the Washington Main YMCA facility to set up your consultation.

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