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Annual Memberships:

A one-year membership may be purchased by paying the full amount in cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Membership dues are non-transferable and non-refundable.

New Member Fee:

All new members must pay a one-time new member fee. Members who let their membership lapse for more than 30 days are subject to this fee. 

Replacement Keytag: $5.00

Monthly Bank Draft: An easy way to pay!

It’s easy for you to maintain a continuous WCY Membership through our Monthly Bank Draft program. Your membership dues are automatically deducted from your checking account each month (18th) and your membership will remain active until a cancellation is requested. Cancellation requests must be done in writing before the end of the month preceding the draft date ( 30 days prior to draft date). Monthly payments will make your membership more convenient and affordable!    **** January 1, 2018 Membership Rates

Starting January 1, 2018 we will no longer be accepting credit cards for recurring monthly memberships.  Automatic withdrawals from checking or savings accounts only.   Be prepared to provide Bank rounting # and Bank Account #) 
Scroll down for Descriptions of Basic and Fitness Memberships.  

Adults Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Adult   $444
Men’s Fitness Center   $555  $46.25 $30.00
Women’s Fitness Center   $492  $41 $30.00

Family 2 adults w/dependent(s), 26/college and younger,
adults must live at same address)

Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Family $636 $53 $50.00
Men’s Fitness Family $837 $69.75 $50.00
Women’ Fitness Family $732 $61 $50.00
2 Adult Fitness Family $894 $74.50 $50.00

Single Adult Family 1 adult, w/dependent(s), 26/college and younger, (20% savings for family)

Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Single Adult Family $525   $43.75 $50.00
Men's Fitness Single Family $672 $56 $50.00
Women's Fitness Single Family $585 $48.75 $50.00

Senior (62 & over) = 15% off regular

Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Senior $345   $28.75   $30.00
Senior Men’s Fitness $492 $41 $30.00
Senior Women’s Fitness $429 $35.75 $30.00

Senior Family (2 seniors, 62 & over, with dependents 26/college and younger,seniors must live in same address)

Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Senior Family $480 $40 $50.00
Fitness Basic Family $771 $64.25 $50.00

Teen and Youth

Yearly Monthly Bank Draft Join Fee
Basic Teen (13-19 years) $204.00 $17.00 
Youth (6 months–12 years) $75.00**

Social $75.00**

** One Year Payment

Daily Fee*
Youth/Teen (3-19 years) / Seniors (over 62 years) $5.00 /day
Basic Adult 20 & over $7.00 /day
Fitness Center 20 & over $10.00 /day
Basic Family $20.00 /day
Fitness Center Family $25.00 /day

As of January 1, 2018 Above Rates Are Effective


 REVISED  12/20/2017


These annual memberships are designed for men and women interested in using the fitness facilities and program offerings at the Washington Community Y. There are two kinds of Facility Memberships:


  • Access to all Y athletic facilities at 121 E. Main Street which include: Indoor pool, Wellness Center, Basketball Court, Racquetball Courts, Recreation/Game Room.
  • Access to the facility at Wellman Parkside Activities Center in Wellman: Indoor walking track, Wellness Center, Basketball Court.
  • Access to the 24/7 Facility located at 110 S Iowa Avenue* Washington.
  • Access to the Kalona Rec Center *Kalona with Racquetball Court, Wellness Center, Basketball Court, Recreation /Game Room.
  • Free meeting with a Fitness Consultant to conduct a health and fitness screening, design an individualized fitness program and orient you to the equipment.
  • Adult Aquatic and Group Fitness Classes FREE (MUST registration).  
  • Discounted fees on recreational programs.


Fitness Center memberships are available for both men and women. The Fitness Center Memberships include the privileges of the Basic Membership PLUS the use of a specially designated adults only locker room that includes its own fitness equipment, steam room, sauna, hot tub, towel service and permanent locker.


Social Memberships are for adults who would like to participate in a social program or group that uses non physical facilities of the Y.


Youth memberships are available for youth 6 months to 12 years to participate in Y programs for a membership price. Youth program members may also use the recreation (game) room which includes pool tables, air hockey, Wii, and foosball.   (Children ages 7 and under need to have parent or guardian for  supervision.)

Also referred to as the Weight Room. The “Y” is proud to offer our members STRIVE resistance training equipment. STRIVE is the most effective and efficient resistance training technology on the market. STRIVE is for all members regardless of their fitness level. Members will be able to get a full body work out in less than 30 minutes on equipment that is very user friendly. Now the Washington Community YMCA members will utilize the same equipment used to train Super Bowl 40 Champs Pittsburgh Steelers, United States Military Special Operation Groups, and actors like Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby).


•Memberships lapsed more than 30 days subject to new member Building and Maintenance Fee.
•Single Family Memberships are available at a savings from the Family equivalent.
•The Washington Community Y reserves the right to deny or revoke membership privileges, without refund, from any person exhibiting inappropriate behavior and/or abuse of the staff, members or facilities
•Family memberships include spouses & children under 26yrs. With valid college i.d.
•Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable.

All Facility Memberships include a FREE one time orientation.

RECURRING MEMBERSHIP FEES - Starting January 1, 2018 the YMCA of Washington County will no longer be accepting credit cards for recurring monthly membership fees. Automatic withdrawals from checking or savings accounts only. (provide bank routing # and account #)

Important Notice:
Beginning January 1, 2018
Basic Adult Membership will change from $36.25 to $37.00