This service is brought to you by the Washington Community YMCA, the Washington County Hospital and local area churches. The meals are prepared by the hospital and delivered by church volunteers.

The Meals on Wheels Program is for any individual(s) of any age or income. Meals are designed for those persons who have had a recent hospital stay & who are recovering at home or just need a hot meal on a daily basis. Special and Restricted diets can be observed. The meals are delivered Monday through Friday in Washington city limits only.

Please call (319) 653-2141 for more details. The cost of this meal is $3.50.

SENIOR FITNESS  (Class Listing)
Washington    Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am 
Wellman        Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am
Kalona           Monday and Thursday  at 10:00am
Low impact aerobics, toning and stretching for a complete routine.  Includes a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion, and activity for daily living skills.   

Cardiovascular Training  
Group Fitness
Free Weights
Basketball Court 
Swimming Pool
Spa Amenities with Full Fitness Upgrade membership  
Aquarobics 1           Monday and Friday     8:00- 8:45am
Joint Effort              Monday and Friday     9:45- 10:30am 
Aquarobics  2          Monday and Friday    10:30-11:15am
Joint Effort              Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-5:45pm
Water Walking         Monday and Friday      8:45-9:45am  
 QUESTIONS ? Call 319 653 2141