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Can't find the fish?
YMCA Swim Lessons are Getting an Update! Download flyer (below)for a detailed description of the new program.
As “America’s Swim Instructor,” the Y has been teaching kids how to be safe around water for decades. The YMCA changed our swim lesson structure to simplify and more accurately describe skill levels.

What is different?
We made two key changes to swim lessons:
Name changes: Lesson names are changing to stages that better reflect the skills learned and we’re moving away from the identifying fish levels. The aquatics director at our Y will help you determine which stage is appropriate for your children.
Curriculum changes: We’re also changing the curriculum to better serve different learning styles of our youth participants. We’ve simplified the structure by focusing on benchmark skills and goals in each stage. Students progress from fundamentals to stroke technique over 6 distinct stages.
Swimming lessons are essential for kids to become safe around water. It also helps them learn to set and achieve goals. We’re looking forward to launching this new swim lesson structure and helping many more young people build swimming confidence.

 revised 10/21/2017 dlh