WELLMAN TUMBLE TIME Ages 3-5 years old

December Dunk Wellman.pdf Co-ed Grade 4 Sat., Jan. 30
January Jam Wellman.pdf Girls Grade 7 Sat., Jan. 6
Girls Youth League Wellman.pdf Girls Grades 2-5 Mon. Eve., Jan. 8-29
January Jamboree Wellman.pdf Co-ed Grade 6 Sat., Jan. 27
BoysYouth League Wellman.pdf Boys Grades 2-5 Boys • Mon. Eve., Feb. 5-26
February Finish Wellman.pdf Co-ed Grade 5 • Sat. Feb. 10
February Fast Break Wellman.pdf Co-ed Grade 8 • Sat. Feb. 28
March Motion Wellman 2018.pdf Boys Grade 7 Sat. March 10
March Madness Wellman.pdf Boys Grade 8 Boys Sat., March 17
Wellman Parkside YMCA Basics while focusing on essential physical and life skills
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