Camp Creamery

The Wellman Y teams up with The Old Creamery Theatre of Amana each summer to offer a week-long theatre camp.

The Old Creamery Theatre of Amana, Iowa is a nonprofit professional theatre founded in 1971. Camp Creamery is one of the education programs offered by the company and began in 2007. Between 3 teams of directors, 24 camps will take place this summer throughout the state.


Coming again next summer!
WHO? Children ages 7 and up.
WHERE? Mid-Prairie Cafetorium

WHEN? June 2021.

(Campers need to bring a sack lunch.)

COST: $70 per child.Children must commit to attending all rehearsals and both final performances in order to participate in Camp Creamery.
Questions? Call Angie at 319-653-1620 or aboyse@washingtony.org