Softball/Baseball - Tball 8U 10U 12U

Our leagues build winners in life, one child at a time. Our philosophy is simple …”Everybody Plays. Everybody Wins!” We emphasize good sportsmanship, fitness, fair play, fundamentals and fun while implementing our core values of caring, honesty, respect responsibility and faith. 

We strive to enhance every child’s personal growth and development through the program. Fair play, sportsmanship, values, and a sense of teamwork are incorporated throughout the season. Participants will work on fielding, throwing and hitting.

Players will improve their skills during this program! Your child will be participating in a program that is designed to improve fundamental softball or baseball skills and develop confidence through teamwork.

Coaches will teach participants the basic fundamentals to develop each child’s game. Players will also have the opportunity to develop social and leadership skills each week working with their teams.

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Age Divisions:
5-6yrs. (6U/T-ball)
7-8 yrs. (8U)
9-10 yrs. (10U)
11-12 yrs. (12U)
Age by July 1st

Program Fee: T-ball $40               
                       Late Fee: $55 
                       8U/10U/12U  $50   
                       Late Fee: $65 
Registration Begins: Check back January 2024


Girls 6U (T-ball)
Team Practice starts May 2024
Games on Mondays May - Jun 
T-ball $40     Late Fee: $55      
(Games will not start before 6:00pm) 

Boys 6U (T-ball)
Team Practice starts May 2024
Games on Tuesdays May - Jun
T-ball $40     Late Fee: $55    
(Games will not start before 6:00pm)

Youth Townball 8U/10U/12U
12U Boys & 10U Girls play on Mondays/Wednesdays 
12U Girls & 10U Boys play on Tuesdays/Thursdays
8U Boys & 8U Girls play on Fridays 
8U/10U/12U GAMES START May 2024
8U/10U/12U  $50   Late Fee: $65