Y Mentor Program

Mentors Make A Difference

Encourage a student interested in spending time with a high school student, or adult to do activities, learn new things, explore life, and create a positive relationship. Activities could be things such as playing a board game, eating lunch together, craft projects, playing outside, or other authorized activities. Mentoring takes place all year, twice a month for at least one hour in any public location such as the YMCA, library, or park.

As a mentor, you will gain personal satisfaction from making a difference in the life of young people. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with youth. Together, you can share diverse experiences, develop a stronger sense of belonging within your community and create lasting memories and fun times!



Mentoring Goals:

  • Connect youth with positive adult role models

  • Assist youth in a healthy transition from childhood into a morally admirable adult

  • Establish a relationship between a mentor and a youth that is positive, caring, and consistent

  • Foster self-confidence, social competency, and an asset-rich environment

  • Expose youth to new opportunities

The Details:

  • Matches choose their own activities, from bowling or sporting events to a walk in the park and cooking up a fantastic meal

  • Mentors are ages 16 and older

  • The youth are ages K - 7th grade

  • Matches spend two to four hours per month together

  • We ask our mentors to dedicate their time for a minimum of one full calendar year

    Learn more by contacting:
    Tamera Alexander
    Program Director