Y's Men and Women Club


Washington Y's Men and Women Club meets at 6:00pm on

1st and 3rd Tuesdays in the Y's Men Room in the Community Room at the

Washington Community Y. (September through May)


WE invite you to join us. Your involvement is vital - GROW WITH US!

For more information, please call the YMCA at (319) 653-2141.

 These People Called Y's Men and Women


We are men and women or and for the YMCA. Y's Men & Women meet on a regular schedule as a club, to learn about our community and be involved in the program thrust of our Washington YMCA.  It is estimated that each year Y's Men & Women Clubs around the world provide hundreds of thousands of hours of voluntary service. Through our projects, millions of dollars are given each year to assist our local Y in meeting their budgets, purchasing needed equipment, erecting buildings, or sending young people to camp. Y's Men & Women also serve as active participating members of committees and boards at every level of the YMCA organization.  Primarily, we work with and for the young people who utilize our camps, building and programs, We assist through personal involvement and fund raising projects to finance special needs and special programs that impact those who live in our community.  

The Purpose of Y's Men & Women 
To support, with financial aid and personal service, the programs of the YMCA of Washington County in areas of youth development, leadership training and community service.  



  • County Fair Food Booth
  • Spring Clean Up at Lake Darling Youth Camp
  • Washington Area Baseball Concession Stand
  • Work Projects at the YMCA
  • Assist with the Annual Partners with Youth Campaign



  • Y's Men Spring Youth Soccer
  • Youth Membership Scholarships
  • Little League team sponsor
  • Softball Team Sponsor 
  • Y's Men Brotherhood Fund
  • Y Staff Continuing Education
  • Y Equipment
  • Y Swim Team
  • Lake Darling Youth Camp 


 Y's Men & Women reflect the original concept of the YMCA - people concerned about their fellow human beings.

 Y's Men & Women receive continuing orientation in all YMCA Programs.

Our desire is to alleviate human crisis, help people make the YMCA a great community servant meeting urgent human need.  

The Washington Y's Men & Women Club provides the potential for greater international understanding because it is linked with clubs around the world in an ever increasing fellowship.  

 Our club was chartered in 1924.  Two of our members have served as International Presidents - Richard McCleery (1931-1932) and Lewis Warren (1937-1938)  










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