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For over 90 years, the YMCA has been meeting the needs of children, adults and families in our community. The Washington Community Y Cornelia Day Child Care Center offers a well-balanced, child-centered program focused on the developmental needs of children birth through age 5. This program is committed to serving children without regard to race, creed, color or national origin. We will make program modifications to accommodate children with special needs when they are reasonable and necessary if they do not alter the nature of the program or result in any undue burden for the Y. The Washington Community Y Cornelia Day Child Care Center is based on a concern for the developmental needs of each child. We are committed to nurturing individual differences and the growth of the whole child – physically, emotionally and cognitively. We make every effort to keep parents informed about what happens at the center concerning their child and appreciate receiving information about the child’s activities and progress at home. Strong communication between home and the center fosters the best experience possible for both the child and the parents. The Washington Community Y offers year-round child care for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children using the Creative Curriculum. Our child care is family centered, involving parents and caregivers as partners in the child care experience. The Y is a private, non-profit organization. Our center is licensed through the Department of Human Services and the State of Iowa.

In 2012, the official name of our child care center was changed to the Cornelia Day Child Care Center. A request came from the Women of Washington Iowa Endowment (formerly the YW Endowment) for the Washington Community Y Preschool and Childcare Center to change its name. Cornelia Day was instrumental in forming a child care center in Washington. She organized a committee and with much deliberation, was able to persuade the hospital board to approve the use of a room in the basement of the building that was the nurse’s home (the former Public Health Building). The YWCA became involved and took over operations of the child care center in 1988. Cornelia Day truly became the visionary for child care in our community. Although there have been multiple location changes, directors and employees over the years, our child care mission has remained the same. We are and always will be dedicated to providing high quality child care to the families of our community.

In June 2017, the child care center proudly moved into a new facility attached to Stewart Elementary. The facility was funded by the Women of Washington Iowa Endowment and is owned by the Washington Community School District.



This room cares for up to eight infants. We have one teacher for every four infants. Our caring staff takes the time to get to know your child and his/her needs. All staff in this room are over 18 years of age. We strive to have our program feel as home-like as possible to support your child as he/she develops into a toddler. Infant formula, infant cereal and baby food are provided.



This room cares for up 8 toddlers. We have one teacher for every four toddlers. In this classroom, children begin to develop daily routines including circle time, read aloud time and large and small motor skills. We also focus on social development, self-help skills and language skills. Nurturing teachers are there to help guide children as they develop into preschoolers.



This room provides developmentally appropriate programming for up to ten toddlers. Children will explore their environment and understanding of their world by participating in dramatic play, block play, sensory exploration, games, songs, movement and art. Our program is centered around changing themes that give children the opportunity to learn about customs, holidays, seasonal activities and much more.



This room is a mixed-age room of older two year olds and younger three year olds. This room cares for up to eleven children, with one teacher for every six children. Children in this group begin exploring print knowledge, ABC awareness, number concepts and writing. They continue to participate in dramatic play, block play, sensory play, games, songs, movement and art, based on changing themes.



This classroom functions similarly to a preschool room. It cares for up to twelve children. We have one teacher for every six children. The children learn about the calendar, weather and days of the week during circle time. They explore changing themes through activity centers.



We utilize the Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers which encourages your child to learn through centers, small group activities and play. Our staff are dedicated to providing the best learning environment for your child to help him/her get ready for success in Alternative Kindergarten or Kindergarten. This room cares for up to twenty-four children. There is one teacher for every twelve children.

Shalon Hoyle

Child Care Director. Washington Community Y Cornelia Day Child Care Center
816 N. 2nd Avenue.
Washington, IA 52353
(319) 653-3315 shoyle@washingtony.org


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