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Discover a range of dynamic programs at YMCA of Washington County. From fitness and sports to youth development and community activities, our offerings cater to all ages and interests, fostering well-being and a strong sense of belonging. Join us and thrive together!

Washington County Indoor Aquatic Center – Coming Fall 2024

Dive into excitement! The YMCA of Washington County is thrilled to announce its new indoor aquatic center, arriving in Fall 2024. Enjoy water fun, fitness, and community bonding with state-of-the-art facilities.

What’s New at the Y

YMCA of Washington County Locations

Washington Community YMCA

P.O. Box 887
520 W 5th Street
Washington, Iowa 52353

Wellman Parkside YMCA

525 13th St Wellman, Iowa 52356

Kalona Rec Center

511 C Ave, Kalona, IA 52247

YMCA Program Locations

Cornelia Day Child Care Center

816 N. 2nd Avenue.
Washington, IA 52353

Washington Community Y Indoor Aquatics Facility

121 E. Main St.
Washington, IA 52353

Phone: 319-653-6500

Washington Steele Family Aquatic Center (Seasonal)

1000 West Madison Street
Washington, IA 52353

Kalona City Pool (Seasonal)

Kalona City Pool (Seasonal)
1120 E Pl
Kalona, IA 52247

Fitness, Community, Activities.

YMCA membership offers diverse benefits including access to fitness facilities, group classes, swimming pools, and sports courts. It fosters community

Nationwide Access

YMCA nationwide access allows members to enjoy facilities, programs, and services at any affiliated location. This fosters convenience and flexibility for fitness, recreation, and community engagement while traveling or moving.

Quality Programs

Fitness, sports, youth activities, wellness, events: the Y offers diverse, quality programs.

Wellness & Fitness Classes

The Y classes promote holistic wellness through diverse fitness activities.

Easy Access/Scheduling

Offer online registration as well as 24/7 at two of our branches.

Family Savings

Reduced member rates for day camp and other children programs.

Swimming and Water Activities

Swimming lessons, water safety, group fitness: At the Y we offer diverse aquatic programs to ensure health & wellness for all.

After School Programs

The Y offers educational and engaging after school programs.

Military Discount

The Y offers a military discount, honoring service with affordable community access.

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