Exciting developments are underway at the YMCA of Washington County Aquatic Center as the construction project enters a significant phase. On October 16th, a pivotal milestone is set to be reached with the installation of the facility’s walls. This crucial step marks a major advancement in the construction timeline, allowing work to progress seamlessly through the winter months.

The YMCA of Washington County Aquatic Center, a highly anticipated addition to the community, promises to be a state-of-the-art facility that will serve as a hub for fitness, recreation, and community engagement. With the walls going up, the project is well on track to meet its construction goals.

As the project advances with the walls in place, the YMCA of Washington County Aquatic Center is poised to become a beacon of health and wellness for the region, offering countless opportunities for individuals to stay active, engaged, and connected. If you’d like to contribute to this remarkable project, you can make a donation through the following link: https://operations.daxko.com/online/3024/OnlineGiving/Donation.mvc?campaign_id=18593 . Your support will help make this community dream a reality, and ensure that the Aquatic Center is a place where everyone can thrive. The community eagerly awaits the day when they can dive into this fantastic facility and make a splash in the Aquatic Center’s pool.